Container Orchestration Lab: Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Apache Mesos
ContainerCon Europe, Berlin, October 2016

Container Orchestration is the new hot topic
ContainerCon Europe, Berlin, October 2016

A look at some alternative uses (other than typical scientific uses) for the Jupyter notebook ... e.g. live (i.e. runnable, modifiable) command-line tutorials in, monitoring of a group of OpenStack platforms, ...
EuroPython, Bilbao, July 2016

We will run through a fork of the publicly available ipython-in-depth tutorial - to discover many of the capabilities of Jupyter and IPython.
EuroPython, Bilbao, July 2016

Activities in the HPE EMEA OpenNFV Lab
HPE TSS, Cannes, Feb 2016

Docker Build Lab
HPE TSS, Cannes, Feb 2016

IPython permet d’experimenter avec Python tout en gardant trace d’execution en forme de notebook. Largement utilise par des scientifiques pour partager, documenter leur travail de facon reproducible. Nous allons regarder l’evolution vers un outil multi-langage, Jupyter annonce en 2014. Regardons les capabilites de Jupyter ainsi que les evolutions et investissements dans le projet.
Pyconfr, Pau, Oct 2015

ETSI NFV Use Cases
HP TES, Grenoble, Mar 2015

Activities in the HP EMEA OpenNFV Lab
HP ETSS, Cannes, Feb 2015

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An introduction to Unikernel Technologies in Grenoble, France.

Advanced Docker Presentation
HPE TSS in Cannes

Container Orchestration Lab Bruno, CZ

An introduction to Unikernel Technologies Bruno, CZ


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