Container Orchestration: Swarm, Mesos, Kubernetes - Which Conductor?


Oh my, as if we didn’t have enough container choices with LXC, Docker, rkt, LXD, we still have to choose a container orchestrator and there are lots of them ! Worse - the choice of orchestrator is the new industry battleground. Feature sets increase rapidly and industry players are making acquisitions and investments. It’s still early days in container orchestration and so existing solutions partially overlap meaning that combinations of orchestrators may be needed. So how should you choose for your use case? In this talk we’ll take a look at what is orchestration and why you need it. We’ll look at the main contenders amongst Docker Swarm, Google’s Kubernetes, Apache Mesos as well as Fleet, Rancher/cattle and Juju. We’ll compare and contrast the existing solutions, look at where they are heading and how you can use them in your solution today and tomorrow.

At ContainerCon Europe 2016, Berlin

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