IPython in Depth, 3-hr tutorial


We will run through a fork of the publicly available ipython-in-depth tutorial - https://github.com/mjbright/ipython-in-depth to discover many of the capabilities of Jupyter and IPython. Please bring your own PC with Jupyter already installed. I recommend to have the Anaconda distribution, see here for suggested installation methods: - http://jupyter.readthedocs.org/en/latest/install.html I will work through at least the following tutorial sections: Notebook Basics + beyond plain python Markdown Cells Rich Display System Introduction to Interactive Javascript Widgets We will spend roughly 45 mins on each section This is a beginners Jupyter/IPython session. Nevertheless, there’s no problem for people to jump ahead, or to perform other exercises container within that repo. I’ve created a gitter channel for dissemination of information and to allow participants to chat and help each other. Feel free to post before/after the session. You can join the channel here: https://gitter.im/mjbright/ipython-in-depth

At EuroPython 2016, Bilbao

More detail can easily be written here using Markdown and $\rm \LaTeX$ math code.