Unikernels: The Next Big Little Thing?


The last 20 years or so we’ve seen applications evolve from large monolithic components to virtualized monoliths, to virtualized then containerized micro-services. But there’s a new kid on the block, Unikernels, though Unikernels (or “Library Operating Systems”) have actually existed since the 1990’s they are now becoming more viable. Unlike virtual machines or containers which run applications on a monolithic kernel, Unikernels link an application with only the kernel components required by the application. Reducing the kernel+application binary promises to create even lighter weight solutions as well as increased security as the attack surface is significantly reduced. These are still early days for Unikernels Nevertheless, we see significant developments such as Docker Inc’s 2016 purchase of “Unikernel Systems”, Ericsson running a Unikernel-based NFV PoC, EMC implementing Unik to facilitating use of Unikernels and also a Kubernetes runtime. This talk will take a brief look at what Unikernels are, what are the various implementations of Unikernels and their maturity, how to get started developing with them, or even deploying them. We will also briefly look at the domains in which Unikernels will be exploited. In 20 minutes participants will get a quick introduction to the subject.

DevConf.cz Bruno, CZ

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